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Q: Why does the heat turn off and fan keep running?

A: The Glove Dryer has a overheat sensor built into the unit to keep the Glove Dryer from over heating in certain circumstances. The sensor will regulate temperature at a safe range for long term use.

Q: My Glove Dryer does not turn on, what should I do?

A: Check the fuse. There is an inline fuse in the power cord. The cover comes off which exposes the fuse. Pull the fuse out and see if the metal element is OK (no gap). If it has a gap and or scorch in the metal strip, replace with the same Amp (color) and type of fuse ONLY.

Q: Can the Glove Dryer be used for other types of clothing?

A: Yes, in fact we make adapters to put other types of garments with the Glove Dryer. See "Adapters" on the home page to discover what can be dried and how you can grow your drying system for other larger garments. 

Q: Why does my gloves not dry as fast as you say they should?

A: Every glove is different in materials, density and amount of wetness, therefore dry at different speeds. What makes the Glove Dryer the most efficient is when air circulates in and out of the glove or item being dried. Lack of circulation not only slows drying time but may cause shutdown from the heat limit sensor.

Q: What happens if my Glove Dryer gets wet?

A: The Glove dryer is made to resist expected water exposure however if the Glove Dryer becomes saturated, unplug the Glove Dryer from any power source. Empty any water out of the unit and put somewhere it will dry slowly. Call Support for instructions on how to restore your Glove Dryer.